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Electronics for Novices (and Experts!) – Voltage to Frequency – Part 1

This post is written to be understandable for electronics novices and interested laymen. Supplementary material will also be included in – Part 2 – for knowledgeable Engineers.

The voltage to frequency converter (VFC) is an important type of analog to digital converter (ADC). All such converters change a real-world, continuous-value signal, such as voltage, pressure, speed, or weight, into a form that is easily interpreted as a number. When designing industrial and commercial scales, I chose to use a VFC to measure weight. A scale base, containing transducers – devices that change the force from a weight into an electrical signal – provided that signal to the input of a VFC. The VFC converted the signal into a different signal, an output signal with oscillations that could be counted. The number from the count represented the weight.

The spring scale that many of us have in our bathrooms is an ADC. Our brains are the final component of that ADC, providing a decision for which dial reading is closest to the indicator line. → Hey! This rates a Nobel Prize


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