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Leadership – a few important additions

{The following is a previously-unpublished letter of comment regarding an online article by the President of FirstRain, Inc.}

President Herscher’s article on Huffington Post, “How to Identify Leaders in Your Company”, has prompted me to offer comments.

President Herscher: Regarding “How to Identify Leaders in Your Company”:

You probably meant to indicate, in the use of the term ‘leader’, a positive and assertive role. In reading your article, I also had in my thoughts the negative and passive role. This is the leader who is has been promoted to a position of authority, either without the characteristics you describe or with the alternative, detrimental characteristics.

‘Embracing risk’ is more appropriately termed ‘managing risk’. I understand your point – that too many people in leadership positions are risk-averse. One element of correcting this aversion is learning to how to retain control (or manage!). I may identify someone who embraces risk, but I may also find that the person does not actively work with the risk – to track it, to minimize it, and to secure its rewards.).). → Hey! I’m just warming up

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