Hey! Get This . . . , Commenters!

You may now comment on blogs without being registered and logged in.

Your name and email is still requested, and I will look at comments before exercising my mediocre judgement about whether they should be seen by decent people.

Hey! Get This . . . – this is the 30th post!

I am very interested in your impressions of my efforts so far. I hope that you have snooped around to also look at the tidbits other than the posts. My Mother & my daughterIt isn’t hugely important to me to have my ego (despite its expanse) assuaged. The very process of writing in a slightly disciplined manner is personally valuable. Your interests and thoughts are valuable to me whether they are lauditory or (now, I struggle for the right word) indicative of my deficiencies. Thoughtfulness, cleverness, humor, and even sarcasm (who, me?) are eagerly desired.

Yes, Mother, I have deficiencies! Folks, someday I will introduce you to my Mother. Even if you find my writing of only modest interest, you will be happy to meet her and see for yourself how she can, perhaps like your Mother or Grandmother, be so very missed. So, stick with me!

Thanks to the handfuls (and occasional small crowds) of folks who have been visiting so far. Hey! What do I know about decent people, anyway?


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