Light ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Status quo and insurance company control are the incandescent lamp of government programs. Incandescent lamps are inefficient, fail soon and often, cost the most in the long run, and will be even more expensive in the future.

Health Care reform is the compact fluorescent lamp of government programs. Compact fluorescent lamps are efficient, work nearly everywhere and last a long time, cost much less to use, and have been getting continually less expensive. They have some toxic material which must be carefully handled to remain safe.

Public option and Single-payer Health Care are the L.E.D. Wikipedia GNU Freelamps of government programs. L.E.D. lamps are very efficient, and getting to be the most efficient. They can be used in any application – anywhere, and in any size. They are safe to handle. They are almost indestructible. They will be much less expensive in the future and will be the cheapest to operate.

Which lamp do you buy? I already buy compact fluorescent lamps. Even though I don’t have much money for purchases during the recession, they save plenty on my electricity bills. I will switch to L.E.D. lamps as soon as my income recovers.


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