1-Room Schoolhouses

My Little Red-Haired Girl and I have learned to love drives along obscure county roads. We have followed the path of a tornado*, ‘discovered’ a double-roofed schoolhouse**, looked in amazement at miles of damage from two 2007 ice storms, looked at lots of pretty flowers, and read headstones in old cemetaries.

We have an itinerary*** for several adventures around my hometown. Helpful folks have posted a tour of 36 1-room schoolhouses in Greene County. This will be fun!

Do you know of similar maps of 1-room schoolhouses in southwest Missouri? Drop a comment and share with everyone. We want to be prepared when warm weather returns.

Hammer School - Neosho Daily News 10Nov1975

*Saturday May 10, 2008 – Picher, Oklahoma to Racine & Neosho, Missouri. The destructive path was obvious for weeks and months afterward. About 19 people were killed by this EF-4 storm.

**Hammer School, Neosho, Missouri – shortly after discovering this treasure, a winter storm collapsed the weakened roof – a sad loss.

***Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau – blog ; MAPS – 1-ROOM SCHOOLS TOUR


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