An open letter to my Senator

You are encouraged to write to your Senators and Congressmen.
Show them that the public will support them in return for doing the right thing.

Senator McCaskill,

Americans want a real remedy to America’s health care problems. I want a real remedy. Virtually all other developed nations HAVE a real remedy.

There is one thing stopping the U.S. from having that remedy: political calculation.

Yes – I understand that we need, at times, to exercise discretion in achieving practical compromises. We now know that compromise is not possible, due to the intransigence of the Minority.

The public has shown, for many months, that it is strongly in favor of the public option. Independent voters, especially, have shown their support for a public option, despite confusion over recent legislative proposals.

Please support the passage of health care reform legislation, including a public option, by whatever means is necessary. Reconciliation is a viable and powerful tool. Please use it.

It is my judgement that much of the public consternation about recent legislative proposals is due to the large uncertainties about whether legislation can be enacted. Restore public confidence. Act decisively and provide us with this generation’s essential and irreplaceable contribution to ‘promote the general Welfare‘.

As Jesus was asked “Who is my neighbor?“, it is time that we (both the elected and the electorate) ask, “Who do we serve?“. It is not the wealthy and the powerful who need change. It is taxpayers and those who are excluded by the health industry who need action that is in their best interest.

Many of them do not know their own best interest. We want you, other Congressional leaders, and the President to make real reform happen, regardless of the cacophony of propagandists and their fearful targets. Their voices will rapidly fade, exactly as they vanished after the passage of Medicare in 1965.

Best Regards,



4 Responses to “An open letter to my Senator”

  1. 1 Jim
    February 28, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    There are good reasons for the public support of a public option. It is the public which is absorbing huge cost increases – now, for years before, and for years to come. Obstructionists have repeatedly offered the *false choice* of reform (at some cost) or no reform.

    The real choice is no reform (and assuredly drown in a massive upwelling of costs) or reform which mitigates those costs. The real choice is to continue to ignore the vast costs that we absorb due to uninsured citizens (emergency room primary care, destroyed health, etc.) or get everyone into a system that does not simply squander the resources that we currently expend.

    Another cogent commentary: ‘The Cure That Dares Not Speak Its Name’
    [ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-kuttner/the-cure-that-dares-not-s_b_480130.html?view=print ].

  2. 2 ansonburlingame
    February 28, 2010 at 12:13 pm


    thanks for posting the Senator’s letter. Very helpful.

    I disagree with her principly on two essential points. I have no confidence at all that the proposed bill will reduce government spending. See the above comment as only one example. In spite of all her good intentions to control spending, I do not believe a new entitlement program will do that.

    Second, totally absent in her reply is her willingness to consider and/or support reconciliation to pass the bill. I suspect you believe it should be used if Republicans continue to stonewall, which I think they will do. I do not know her position on this issue but suspect she will ultimately be a loyal Democrat if it comes down to that point.

    I honestly respect Claire as a politicain. But this bill will test her “guts”. I feel strongly enough about the matter of using reconciliation to pass a highly controversial bill that if she votes in such support, she will lose any support that I might otherwise provide to her politically. She will not lose my moderate support IF she votes in favor of the bill. But for reconciliation, she loses whatever I might offer, period.

    On the other hand, any Republican participating in a filibuster against the bill probably loses any potential support you may offer, perhaps on abortion, for example.


  3. 3 Jim
    February 28, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Senator McCaskill’s response (link opens in this tab; use browser ‘back’ button):

    [ https://heygetthis.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/senator-mccaskill-health-care-reply-22feb2010-no-greeting1.png ]

  4. 4 ansonburlingame
    February 27, 2010 at 7:23 am


    We have been so diligent “promoting the general welfare” over the last 70 or so years that we have almost maxed out the credit card. Right now China and many other foreign nations are doing it for us because we cannot afford to do it ourselves. Just how long do you propose that we keep doing that?

    Is there some “general welfare” that we have supported in the past that can be reduced or eliminated to make room for new general welfare that needs supporting?

    Being concerned about continuing to get overseas money for such purposes the federal government is now trying to promote the general welfare by passing a federal law resulting in another 15 million people on Medicaid but then demanding or asking states to pay for it AND not counting that huge cost in overall cost of health care reform under consideration.

    Why don’t we just pass a law mandating that every citizen “make” $50,000 per year then put that on the credit card? We’ll only have to buy more printing presses.


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