Cadmium and Kids – WARNING

It’s time to remind your friends and family who have small children:


Imports of some metal jewelry and toys from China have been found to contain high levels of cadmium. Read Cadmium Kids’ Jewelry: Toxic Metal Found. This is a highly toxic metal, with insidious effects similar to those of lead if ingested by chewing or swallowing.

There are important industrial uses of cadmium. In my field – electronics – cadmium is a vital anti-corrosion coating material for equipment such as wiring connectors. Such proper uses for cadmium never expose children.

I emailed Senators Bond and McCaskill, and Rep. Blunt, to request that they contact the appropriate agencies for emergency action.

Rep. Blunt’s staff replied 29Jan2009 with an email about lead legislation (which does not concern cadmium). I responded with a renewed request. A reply is pending.

Senator McCaskill has not responded.

Senator Bond’s staff contacted me by phone this afternoon. The staffer informed me that, 3 days ago, Senator Schumer has introduced Senate Bill S2975 Safe Kids’ Jewelry Act. Read SCHUMER LEGISLATION TO BAN TOXIC HEAVY METAL CADMIUM FOUND IN CHILDREN’S JEWELRY. Senator Bond will follow the Environment and Public Works Committee findings and then consider whether to co-sponsor and support the bill. I asked the staffer to tell Sen. Bond that I hope that he does so as soon as possible.

The WalMart perspective: Wal-Mart Pulling Children’s Jewelry With Toxic Metals.

Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives. Tell them that S.2975 is urgently needed.


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